Independent Magento & OpenMage expert

Development and upgrade of Magento applications

Magento e-shops Development

I will help you with the creation and updates of your online stores on the Magento 2 and OpenMage platform. I have been working on these platforms for more than 6 years and have experience from large e-shops with turnover in the tens and hundreds of millions of crowns.

Website development

Based on the input analysis, I will propose an optimal solution that will help you gain new business opportunities. All fully functional and based on tried and tested principles.

Advice and consultation

I offer personal and online consultations focused on the security and performance of web applications. I will identify and fix the weak points of your web application.

My name is Luboš Hubáček and I have been creating websites for more than 15 years. At first I made websites only for myself, but after starting high school everything changed. I began to penetrate more under the surface and create more complicated solutions. During this time, for example, I created my own web game – LostWar, with which I took part in the High School Vocational Activity. Shortly after entering university (Faculty of Applied Sciences, ZČU), I co-founded my own agency, which created web applications tailored to customer needs. My tasks included project management, application architecture design and collaboration in the development of web projects. During the existence of the agency, we have created many web applications from the smallest to complex cloud applications. Currently, I mainly focus on the e-commerce platform Magento and Laravel.

Let’s work together on the next project

I will prepare the solution you need